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불특정 제품에 대해 논하고 평가하고 개선건의하고 추천하는 곳입니다

  1. DJI - Osmo Pocket - Portable Power

    A playful animation brings the creative possibilities of DJI’s Osmo Pocket to life. Explore a multitude of accessories, and discover how to capture moments worth keeping. Pre-order Osmo Pocket today:
    Date2018.12.25 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views30
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  2. DJI | Epson – Augmenting Reality and Racing

    Transform life’s moments into a cinematic memory in just seconds. Meet Osmo Pocket, the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed. Able to capture stunning images thanks to a 1/2.3-inch sensor and 80° wide-a...
    Date2018.12.25 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views46
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  3. DJI – 매빅 2 – 매빅 2 소개 영상

    DJI – 매빅 2 – 매빅 2 소개 영상
    Date2018.12.10 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views50
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  4. DJI - Osmo Mobile 2 - Share Your Story

    The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is an intelligent smartphone stabilizer lets you share your story from wherever life takes you. Unleash the power of your smartphone with the Osmo Mobile 2's Portrait mode, zoom slider, and long battery life. Watch...
    Date2018.03.02 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views479
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  5. DJI - 매빅 Air - 나 자신의 노래

    Date2018.02.03 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views705
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  6. DJI - 매빅 Air 소개 영상

    Date2018.02.03 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views683
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  7. DJI - Spark Around the World

    DJI - Spark Around the World
    Date2018.01.02 ByGRAMO Reply0 Views2374
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