The Amazing EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 FPV Glasses for DJI Drones! The Best?

by GRAMO posted Mar 02, 2018


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The Amazing EPSON MOVERIO BT-300 FPV Glasses for DJI Drones! The Best?


The Moverio BT-300 glasses are not just an FPV pair of glasses for the DJI camera drones, they are actually a full fledged Android Tablet capable of massive potential. More details about the glasses can be found here: You can purchase this product here. Be sure to search the web for retail stores that offer best prices. AMAZON: EPSON STORE USA: EPSON STORE CANADA: HOW TO SIDE LOAD AN ANDROID APP ON THE MOVERIO: The term "side load" simply means that the APP you wish to install is not coming from the Google Play store with the automatic installation. This means you must use your home computer to search for the Android App to locate the .APK file of the APP. You then download it and place it on a Micro SD card. You then place the Micro SD card into the MOVERIO. Goto the Moverio file manager (MOVFILER) and find the SD card. You will have to hit "UP" on the screen until you see SD0 and SD1. Your micro SD Card is SD1 and contains the .APK App you wish to install. Just select the .APK file and long press on the file name (hold your finger down on the touch pad) until the option to INSTALL appears. Then just install it. You can do this for any Android App you wish to install on the Moverio that is not available in the Moverio App store. CAUTION: Epson does not support this method since they have no control over the Apps you install.


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