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기발한 디자인

신기하고 보기드문 기발한 디자인 제품등을 소개해주세요

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    잠자다가 지진이 난다면

    자다가 건물이 붕괴된다면 ㅡ
    Date2016.09.16 Category동영상 ByGRAMO Views248
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  2. 드론 Ninja 250

    https:utu.bD6oRuL Storm Ninja 250 FeaturesUltra-lightweight chassis, about 25% lighter than ordinary 250 class aircrafts Powerful propulsion system from a 2204 motor with 5" propellers Carbon fiber and PCB mainframe to minimize wiring Storm-...
    Date2016.09.15 Category동영상 ByGRAMO Views269
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    기발한 아이디어들 기발한 제품 이라고 하긴 억지스럽고 기발한 아이디어
    Date2016.09.14 Category동영상 ByGramo Views241
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    Custom Robotics

    Inspectorbots produces a line of ground based robotic platforms. They also offer custom robotic solutions. The video shows some of the custom projects which Inspectorbots has designed and developed for customers all over the world. For exam...
    Date2015.09.28 Category동영상 ByGramo Views112
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    Robot ant

    Date2015.09.28 Category동영상 ByGramo Views118
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    Cool New Autonomous Robot - The Beginning of Skynet?

    게시일: 2013. 2. 6. The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab in partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Boston Dynamics tested an autonomous robot on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Sept. 10 2012. Will this robot k...
    Date2015.09.28 Category동영상 ByGramo Views123
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