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신기하고 보기드문 기발한 디자인 제품등을 소개해주세요

  1. drone Taxi

    Chinese firm reveals self flying MEGADRONE taxi
    Date2017.03.07 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views350
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  2. new bycircle

    Date2017.03.07 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views434
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  3. new drone ... new design

    Linnaeus is a drone that’s designed to monitor large open green spaces, the drone’s design is in its ability to switch between terrain and flight operated drones.
    Date2017.03.07 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views262
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  4. Google title logo image collect

    952 × 409 - 1024 × 682 -
    Date2017.02.28 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views250
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  5. gramo T

    Gramo shop
    Date2016.10.18 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views341
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  6. 디자인 스토리] 갤럭시 S7 시리즈의 제품∙UX 디자인 스토리

    진심의 7, 혁신의 7” 마침내 눈부신 일곱 번째 막이 올랐습니다. ‘완벽을 향한 여정’이 당신을 만나는 순간이 온 겁니다. 갤럭시 S7 시리즈의 디자인은 그동안 갤럭시 시리즈에서 선보인 디자인 정체성(identity)을 바탕으로 한층 가다듬어지고 또 발전했는데...
    Date2016.10.05 Category소개 ByGRAMO Views619
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  7. 모바일 휴대용기기 이런제품 어때요

    휴대용 모바일 관련 장치들의 디자인입니다. 더 좋은 아이디어 있으세요
    Date2016.09.29 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views357
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  8. No Image

    잠자다가 지진이 난다면

    자다가 건물이 붕괴된다면 ㅡ
    Date2016.09.16 Category동영상 ByGRAMO Views309
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  9. 드론 Ninja 250

    https:utu.bD6oRuL Storm Ninja 250 FeaturesUltra-lightweight chassis, about 25% lighter than ordinary 250 class aircrafts Powerful propulsion system from a 2204 motor with 5" propellers Carbon fiber and PCB mainframe to minimize wiring Storm-...
    Date2016.09.15 Category동영상 ByGRAMO Views342
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  10. 컨셉카 아우디외

    미래의 자동차 ㅡ 어디까지 진화하나
    Date2016.09.15 Category이미지 ByGRAMO Views278
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  11. No Image

    기발한 아이디어들 기발한 제품 이라고 하긴 억지스럽고 기발한 아이디어
    Date2016.09.14 Category동영상 ByGramo Views294
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  12. 미래 자동차

    미래의 자동차는 ....
    Date2016.09.13 Category이미지 ByGramo Views286
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  13. 기발하고 재미난 디자인 제품들

    핀터레스트에 올라온 재미나고 기발한 제품 디자인..... 이미지컨텐츠를 보고 새로운 제품에 대한 발상을 해 보시길.....
    Date2015.10.20 Category이미지 ByGramo Views550
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  14. Mens wear

    남자의 스타일
    Date2015.10.19 Category이미지 ByGramo Views367
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  15. 원목가구 원하는 디자인 제작 맞춤

    사이즈. 디자인 내가 원하는대로 주문제작 가능합니다 전국배송 가능합니다 원하시는 수종선택 가능합니다 출처 : 밴드 우리집 인테리어
    Date2015.10.12 Category이미지 ByGramo Views707
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  16. Kia Shift Futuristic Concept

    KIA Shift is a concept by a mechanical engineering student from Iran Mohsen Khorsandi. It is a convertible two-seater design with one passenger sitting behind the driver. The car has extreme sporty looks and a very low clearance. Via: techc...
    Date2015.10.07 Category이미지 ByGramo Views335
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  17. Volvo Ant: Biomimicry To Improve Long-Haul Transportation

    The aero neumatic transport system Volvo Ant designed by Alex Marzo was inspired by actual ants. They are known to communicate, distribute food and responsibilities super efficiently within their communities. Volvo Ants utilize models, proc...
    Date2015.10.07 Category이미지 ByGramo Views327
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  18. Amphibious Lifeguard Of 2046: Jeep Unlimited

    One of the finalists of Michelin Design Challenge Geeho Cha impressed a jury with his Amphibious Hoff-Roader, the Jeep Unlimited. The car reaches top speed of 70 miles per hour through drawing back the wheels to save the marooned swimmers f...
    Date2015.10.07 Category이미지 ByGramo Views349
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  19. Deepflight Dragon – Submarine Meets Quadcopter

    Loz scoots over to Lake Tahoe, California, where the Deepflight team is testing its new personal submersible. Shaped like Speed Racer’s Mach 5, the Deepflight Dragon is actually an upside down manned quadcopter capable of going 400 fe...
    Date2015.10.07 Category이미지 ByGramo Views296
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  20. Hyundai Unveils The Egg-shaped Concept Vehicle Working Similarly To A Helicopter

    Hyundai has unveiled an outlandish egg-shaped concept vehicle at the Seoul Motor Show, in South Korea. The ‘E4U’, an open-topped single person ‘scooter’ similar to a Segway, presents a new line in travel for commuter...
    Date2015.10.07 Category이미지 ByGramo Views522
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